old pair of shoes

A case of cobblers shoes ...

I am passionate about building software. There is nothing I enjoy doing more. If you see a guy sitting on the beach with his laptop - that will be me.

So please forgive me for the fact that my own site is perhaps not as glitzy as you might expect. The honest truth is I'm busy delivering stuff for my customers' businesses - putting them first - just as I will do for you.

I build custom software, everything from a small business website to large scale database driven ecommerce or orderprocessing systems. I offer my customers Content Management Systems as well as database driven custom built software. So here are a few reasons you might want to talk to me:

Real World Business Knowledge - no exaggeration

Unlike other software providers I have many years of real world international marketing and business knowledge gained with some of the largest software companies in the Fortune 500. My customers share in the key methods these international corporations use to build their brands. How they create differentiation and how they are remembered in a very crowded market. I guide my clients through every step of the process, alerting them to opportunities as well as pitfalls.

Real Customer Attention - no guff

My customers receive one-on-one attention ... no call centres, no 'dial 1 for English', no vague answers and above all no nickle-and-diming for ever little thing you need. When you call my number I personally answer the phone. Through it all, my customers and I enjoy years of partnership.

Custom Built Software can be better, and even less expensive than packaged software - honest

My customers tend to be people who prefer a customized solution with all the flexibility and innovation that that approach allows. Why should you have a customised solution ? Simple, because you are unique and so too is your business. You occupy a narrow vertical market where your operations are not shared by everyone else. Custom built software does exactly what you want it to do, the way you want it to do it. You save on endless modifications, on needless upgrades and a mountain of features which are never used and serve only as a distraction to your employees with the unneeded training which comes with it. Imagine ... software which just does what you want it to do - less is indeed more. And if you measure over a 3 year period, dollar for dollar custom built software can be distinctly more cost effective than packaged software.

Anyway, if any of these ideas have you curious and you would to chat about it more, drop me a line or give me call, I would be glad to talk about what I enjoy doing most.